Ask for an offer


YES, We are selling almost all brands and models. As long as there is better offer outside Switzerland.

Yes, we do with often shorter leadtimes than Swiss importers. 

The cars sold in the European union and in Switzerland are exactly the same with no exceptions. They are produced on the same production lines and technically identical to Swiss cars.

It is a combination of many factors: exchange rates, commercial strategies of the car manufacturers in differents countries, yearly objectives of brand dealers, but also our very low cost structure and low margins. Therefore, our customers can benefit from maximum rebate.

We mostly work on order for new or used cars and have in stock the ‘best sellers’. We have access to many cars held in stock by our European suppliers and are available instantly.

YES, if we have the car in stock. If not, we can put ou in contact with garages to ensure test drive and answer questions if needed. 

Of course, you configure the car with our help like in any garage and we order it at the factory for you.
We can also provide you many cars immediately available which are very close to your ideal configuration.

Yes, we are also providing used cars coming from authorized dealers across Europe with Swiss warranty. Actually, you have access to millions of cars, whereas in Switzerland you are stuck with a limited choice. Looking for your dream car? You know where to find it.

Our prices cover the cost to get a car ‘ready to drive’ in Switzerland with Swiss plates. More specifically :

• The car price including manufacturer warranty
• Import taxand CO2 taxes
• Professional transport
• Expertise and car registration
• Antipollution test and highway ‘vignette’
• Full tank

Yes, in general 10% of the value of the car when ordered, and the rest of the fees after the delivery.

All  who have less than 2 years offer the manufacturer (unless it is mentioned otherwise in our contracts) warranty. The warranty is valid all over Europe, including Switzerland.
The length of the warranty is the same as the manufacturer one unless it is mention otherwise in our contracts.

You can maintain your car in any garage all across Europe and in Switzerland. They have no incentive to not welcome you because you did not buy the car with them, for 2 main reasons:

1. Garages make most of their turnover from after sales services. It is therefore in their interest to welcome you and build loyalty so that you become one of their clients. The repairs done under warranty are paid back to the garage by the car manufacturer
2. The authorized dealer anyway has the contractual obligation to do the maintenance of the car brand he represents, regardless of the origin of the new vehicle

Manufacturers conduct satisfaction surveys amongst all their clients and their performance is measured based on those scores the dealer has a vested interest in the context of the quality control to ensure that all customers are satisfied. Direct importation of the cars are now well established in Switzerland and in practice, the service of local dealers towards imported car is very good. 

Yes and here are your 3 options:

1. Direct offer; we buy your car back

2. "Helping Hand": we help you sell your car. 

3. Sale on consignment: we sell the car for you. 

Yes, we work with all the major leasing companies in Switzerland and have preferential rates. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote even if you did not buy the car with us!

Yes we do. We have negotiated special conditions with many insurance companies with discounts in the range of 15% to 25% vs public. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote even if you did not buy the car with us!

Yes, we have negotiated special conditions with tires manufacturers in Europe much cheaper than the Swiss prices. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quote even if you did not buy the car with us!

The main advantage of going through driving4free SA is that you do not pay this tax! We cover it as we can compensate low emission vehicle with polluting ones. Only large importers can do that and we can make you benefit from it.